Now what do I do with myself?


The rush of making my latest deadline for publication is over. What a wonderful feeling to see
another project come to life! In the last days of finishing I actually thought “this is harder than
giving birth, at least that only took 8 hours”. The the morning light came into my work space and
the world looked simply beautiful and I was ready to start a new. But what? My husband groaned
you’re starting again, not another project, so soon? Yes my needles just screamed there is something
waiting to fly off me. Too lazy to go through my stash I grabbed 300 yards of a lovely Cascade Ultra Pima
left over from Kate’s Flower Bud TankĀ (see her picture). Started a Mobius scarf and changed my mind,
maybe a hat. I’ll keep you posted as the work unravels or ravels as it maybe.

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