Thoughts on blocking…


Why should I block my work??????

What a's blocking.

I always resist blocking but I always suggest doing it.
So here are a few of my thoughts to make it enjoyable.
1. Buy a blocking board, look for sales, I got my for half price.
2. Store the board in an easy to get to location.
3. Try not to block under pressure, I’m convinced that it encourages grey hair.
4. Put it somewhere that you can fuss with it in your own time. Moving the pins, spraying the fabric or just enjoying the look of your work.
5. Fuss with it while you are on the phone. Hopefully a nice conversation and great quality time with your work.
6. Don’t be afraid to block it more than once, to size, to gauge, before assembly, when finished, after washing. 
7. Know that the time you take to block will pay off. You’ll love your finished work.
8. Let everyone know your blocking board is off limits. I caught my puppy licking one of my pieces.
     I think he thought it was a stationary version of our angora goat. He gets it now, goat is okay, board is Mom’s!
9. And most important…remember to enjoy the finishing, it’s the last of the alone time you will spend with your knitting.

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